Inspiring Biographies of Civil Rights Heroes

Explore the powerful stories of those who changed the course of history and made the world a better place.

Civil rights books for kids in kindergarten and elementary school

Embark on an adventure through history

Claudette Colvin a civil rights icon

From Rosa Parks to Martin Luther King Jr, each book in the Civil Rights Heroes series is carefully crafted to capture the essence of remarkable individuals who fought for equality and justice.

Our read-along books makes reading a little bit easier and a lot more fun. With audio narration, highlighted text, and dynamic illustrations, children can follow along with ease, improving their reading skills while immersing themselves in the stories of civil rights legends.

The stories are designed for young readers, ensuring that the content is both educational and appropriate for their age group. Our stories simplify complex historical events, making them accessible and relatable for children.

Civil rights for elementary school

Complementing each story activities that reinforce learning. From activity books to coloring pages, these activities help solidify your child’s understanding of the civil rights movement and its significance.

  • Engaging learning experience: Combining storytelling with interactive features, our app makes learning enjoyable and effective, keeping young readers engaged and motivated.
  • Builds reading skills: The read-along books support literacy development, helping children improve their reading fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary.
  • Cultural awareness: By learning about diverse heroes from the civil rights movement, children gain a broader understanding of cultural history and the importance of equality.

Embark on an adventure through history and the important people who have made our world a better place.