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We listen to bedtime stories with Brainytoon with my 4-year-old son for the past week and I’ve already noticed a significant improvement in his sleep. He falls asleep faster and stays asleep longer.
Sarah, Parent of a 4-year-old

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Helping Children Sleep Better

Put your kids to bed with calming and engaging bedtime stories. Enjoy audio stories, soothing illustrations, content designed to help children get a good night’s sleep.

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Relaxing audio stories

Listen to a wide range of audio stories that are specifically designed to be calming and soothing. Our stories are a great way to get children ready for bed and help them relax.

Meditations & Relaxation Exercises

We also have a selection of audio-guided meditations and relaxation exercises to help your children wind down and relax. Perfect for calming overactive minds and encouraging peaceful sleep.

Crafted with calming music

Our audio stories are crafted to soothe even the most active minds. They combine calming music, sound effects, and magical stories that are sure to help your child drift off to dreamland. 

Unlock the Magic of Bedtime

Experience bedtime stories in a whole new way with Brainytoon.