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Brainytoon helps kids learn and improve American Sign Language with engaging video lessons and fun children’s stories.

A engaging way to learn

Explore sign language through stories and fun video lessons. Watch, imitate and learn.

Learn & improve

Learn basic words and phrases, develop vocabulary, and improve communication skills.

Fun story magic

Fun new stories and video lessons are released every month.

ASL with Brainytoon has been a game changer for our family. We’ve seen a significant improvement after just a few weeks of using the app, The videos are engaging and easy for my child to follow, and the stories are a great way for them to expand their knowledge.
Sarah, Parent of a 5-year-old

Bringing sign language to life

At Brainytoon, we make it easy for kids to learn basic sign language. Our lessons and stories provide a fun and engaging way to learn sign language alphabet, words and phrases.

Our library of stories and lessons make it easy and fun for kids to practice the basics of sign language. The content is designed to help children build a foundation of important sign language alphabets, words and phrases.

Access videos that show how to sign each word. Kids can watch these videos at their own pace and practice their skills.

Basic ASL words

Explore sign language with Brainytoon

Discover the magic of Sign Language with Brainytoon

Try Brainytoon for free access to video lessons that help children develop communication skills and gain a deeper understanding of American Sign Language.