“She is Mom” a children’s book about moms for preschoolers

We are excited to present a special new book: “She is Mom” – a fun preschool book dedicated to all the incredible mothers around the world.

Doc Sapoya’s heartwarming book, filled with beautiful illustrations, showcases the many different roles that mothers play in our lives.

Preschool books about moms

From being a comforting presence after a scary dream to serving as an inspirational mentor, this book weaves together scenes that many children and parents can relate to.

The teacher: Patiently explains how the world works, from simple natural phenomena to complex human relationships.

The guardian angel: Always there with a reminder to wear a helmet when cycling.

The friend: Listens and understands without judgment, always encouraging children to be true to themselves.

The comforter: Knows exactly how to make a bad day better, whether it’s with a hug, a laugh, or a favorite treat.

The inspiration: Demonstrates through her own life how to overcome challenges with courage and determination.

Each page of the book showcases a different role a mother can play. Check out this book and other family stories in the “Me and My Family” series, now available on our reading app.

Preschool books about moms

Our series of children’s books about family is designed to celebrate and highlight the special roles that family members can play in a child’s life.

These books are crafted with simple language and beautiful illustrations, making them perfect for preschool kids.

Each book in the series focuses on a different family member, showcasing their unique contributions and the love they bring into our lives.

Children's book about mom

Join our reading adventure and access the book “She Is Mom”. With simple language and captivating illustrations, this book is perfect for preschool children.

Access this book and hundreds of other children’s books that kids love.