Alphabet flashcards for preschool and kindergarten kids

These worksheets contains flashcards of all the letters in the alphabet, presented in large and clear prints that are easy for the children to read and understand.

Each card also contains a picture related to the letter, helping children connect the letter with its sound and shape.

alphabet letters flashcards

Download and print the worksheet

Learning the alphabet is an important part of preschoolers’ education, and our flashcards can be used at home and in preschool.

These cards are a great tool to help young children learn the alphabet and develop their reading, writing, and communication skills.

It is a simple and fun way for children to learn the alphabet. They can be used both at home and in preschool to help children understand the alphabet while having fun.

Using our cards, children can learn the shape and sound of letters and develop their ability to read and write.

You can ask the child to imitate how you pronounce the different letters and words.

By playing different games with our word cards, children can develop their cognitive abilities, such as memory and concentration.

Play simple quiz games with your child based on the picture in the alphabet.

A good complimentary exercise is our alphabet tracing worksheet is designed to help preschoolers develop essential writing skills in a fun and engaging way.

Alphabet Tracing Worksheet

With this worksheet, your child can practice tracing each letter of the alphabet, both uppercase and lowercase, enhancing their fine motor skills and letter recognition.

Perfect for at-home learning or classroom activities, this worksheet provides a great foundation for early literacy.

Good luck!